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Special Valentines Day Story

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

This Valentines Day Victoria's Friends gets the opportunity to celebrate an incredible love story.

She sat as patiently as possible in the gynecologist's waiting room. Nervous about what the doctor might discover, Boudhsalinh glanced over a mix of magazines and brochures on a nearby table. The bold type on one of the brochures, VICTORIA'S FRIENDS, stood out. Boudhsalinh grabbed it just as the nurse called her name. Later that day, she called Victoria's Friends’ hotline curious to see how they could help.

Marlene Gaskill, who has since gone to be with the Lord, was working the hotline that day. She’d quickly become a mother figure to Boudhsalinh.

Boudhsalinh's family had migrated to the U.S. after surviving the Killing Fields of Cambodia, where the genocide and burial of more than a million people took place from 1975 to 1979 at the hands of the country’s communist regime, the Khmer Rouge. She was three when her father had carried out on his back. Only a miracle can explain how Boudhsalinh's family made it out alive.

As she grew up in the States, Boudhsalinh had to carry her weight. Becoming a stripper and a prostitute allowed her to earn money for her family. They lived in poverty, and it was all she knew to do. Boudhsalinh could read only on a second-grade level.

Can you imagine immigrating to a foreign country, learning the language, and getting a job without a high school diploma? What would you do?

Our Victoria’s Friends team fell in love with Boudhsalinh and her daughters, who were two and three years old, and immediately got to work for them. It takes a community; it truly does. Boudhsalinh received support from Wellspring’s residential program and Rainbow Village. I extend Big Kudos to all the ministries in the community that rallied on their behalf.

After all the programs and hard work, Boudhsalinh could not so easily overcome her past. Words alone could never convey the brutal trauma she has suffered, and I don't believe anyone survives that much trauma without Jesus! Therefore, although the seeds were sowed, Boudhsalinh wasn’t ready. Until that time, she could not leave what was familiar.

She was dancing and stripping again when the unexpected happened: Marlene Gaskill, her precious mentor, passed away. Marilyn Amburgy tracked down Boudhsalinh and invited her to the funeral, and, I believe, this was the turning point. There's something about a funeral of a loved one, someone dear to us, that puts life into perspective. Soon after, Boudhsalinh left the strip club industry for good!

By the grace of God, her story has a happily-ever-after ending. Boudhsalinh plugged into Perimeter Church, joined the choir, and met Dr. Scott Leeth. It is my great honor to present Dr. Scott and Boudhsalinh Leeth.

We are honored to be a part of Boudhsalinh’s healing story. This beautiful love represents so powerfully the redemptive power of Christ in each of our lives. My hope and prayer for each lady who contacts VF is that she would not only accept Christ as her Lord and Savior, but also immerse herself within the Body of Christ and her new family!

While praying over our outreaches and the harvest, I sensed that now is the time for everyone to get their hands dirty. I saw the hand of the Lord reaching down and scraping the bottom of a barrel. The bottom was filthy and slimy. That’s where He focused on reaching. I don’t know about your situation, but He got His hands dirty when he reached way down for me. I was lost and undone without God and His Son reaching way down for me. Remembering where he found me—and now where he is finding others in the strip clubs and all over our communities—is pretty amazing!

The Lord is coming to set our harvest fields on fire. The fire of God will be seen in your own backyards, communities, schools, coffee houses, strip clubs, and all over. As we work together in teams and reach for the lost, we discover the true fire in the harvest. We catch on fire ourselves as souls get born again. It's the fire in the fields that will ignite our churches again.

If you are feeling burned out, come with us; it's in the harvest fields where we regain our power. The harvest fields are a place of deep feeding; it’s where we get nourishment and sustenance.

When he was ministering to the woman at the well, Jesus told His disciples, when they brought food back to Him, “I have meat that you don’t know about.”

I believe, in this season, that many are called off main roads into byways. If you feel called, join us. Outreaches run once a month. VF is in a fiery season of revival! We are so grateful to each of you for doing your part to reach these precious ladies.


“Then the master told his servant, Go out to the roads and country lanes and compel them to come in, so that my house may be full.” Luke 14:23


As we celebrate Dr. Scott and Boudhsalinh this Valentine’s Day, join us in praying for many others to find their way home in Jesus! Outreach will run on Valentine’s Day and each and every month.

We love you all!



“Some want to live within the sound of church or chapel bell, I want to run a rescue shop a yard from hell.”

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