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Candidate Highlight

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Sometimes we just have to pause and say congratulations!!!

Andrea called the hotline in February of 2020. I picked her and her 2 kids up at a stay and pay by the week hotel.

Actually, I was a little nervous about getting them in and out, especially one night as I drove them back after a Saturday night service. But, I saw a resilient and brilliant young lady who was desperate.

Working the streets and cleaning homes to feed her and her children. She wiped the tears streaming down her cheeks as I explained our program to her. She was 100% ready to move forward.

That is all I needed to hear. If she is willing to do the work of backing out of prostitution, then we could help.

She signed up for our spiritual track, Forward and said, “Yes, I'm ready to move forward.” She signed up for our career track which is our partnership with Wellspring Academy, and now, 7 months later she has graduated and has accepted a career position as a customer service rep in healthcare.

Congratulations Andrea! The sky is the limit as you trust and move into your new found freedom!

A big thank you to the donors who sponsored this special family! Thank you to those of you who moved them into their apartment, brought furniture and paid their expenses while in training. Donors we cannot do this without you!

We are so grateful! Bless you all and let's keep these scholarships coming in. Lives are being saved and changed forever!



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