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Victoria's Story

Atlanta-based motivational speaker Victoria Teague is an educator and mentor whose specialty is helping women to live their dreams.


After experiencing the tragic loss of her younger sister to cancer and becoming a victim of a teenage rape, Victoria fell into addictive behaviors to find acceptance. Her life was radically transformed through the concern and assistance of a compassionate woman. Victoria’s Friends was birthed out of her strong desire to seek others who are lost and give them the same hope for a better life.

After graduating from college with a bachelor's degree in psychology and working as a corporate sales consultant, Victoria discovered her life’s calling to help people reach their full potential. During this time, she learned various tools and processes to help people think about their inner values, purpose, and vision.

Victoria has successfully counseled many women since 1995. In 2000, she founded her nonprofit charity, Victoria’s Friends, to work specifically with women in crisis. She has significant experience with life-altering issues such as abuse, addiction, rape, eating disorders, abortion and homelessness. Since that time, too, Victoria's Friends has sponsored Baskets of Love, an outreach to women in the adult entertainment industry. Victoria's goal is to help individuals heal from their wounds, move past their fears, and tap into their unique gifts and calling in life.

Victoria has additionally authored three books. Her book Reaching for Life is her amazing testimony which chronicles her journey from an 11-year cocaine addiction and a dangerous career as a dancer in Atlanta’s sex industry to the founder of Victoria's Friends, Inc.

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